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rhapsodic adj : feeling great rapture or delight [syn: ecstatic, enraptured, rapturous]

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  1. highly emotional; rapturous

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In art and literature, rhapsody may mean:
  • Rhapsody (music), an enthusiastic instrumental composition of indefinite form
  • Epic poem, or part of one, that is suitable for recitation at one time, such as a book of Homer's Odyssey
Rhapsody may also refer to:

Computer software

Contemporary entertainment

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Alcaic, Anacreontic, Castalian, Homeric, Hudibrastic, Pierian, Pindaric, Theocritean, bardic, blissful, bucolic, bursting with happiness, carried away, delighted, didactic, dithyrambic, dramatic, eclogic, ecstatic, effusive, elate, elated, elegiac, enchanted, enraptured, enravished, enthusiastic, entranced, epic, euphoric, exalted, exultant, flushed, freaked out, heroic, high, idyllic, imparadised, in ecstasies, in heaven, in paradise, in raptures, in seventh heaven, intoxicated, jubilant, mock-heroic, narrative, on cloud nine, orgasmic, overjoyed, overjoyful, pastoral, poetic, poetico-mystical, poetico-mythological, poetico-philosophic, poetlike, possessed, rapt, raptured, rapturous, ravished, rhapsodical, runic, sapphic, sent, skaldic, thrilled, transported
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